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Mr. Yang was interviewed by China Daily on the reconciliation between French Lacoste and Zhejiang Crocodile

The lawsuit of the trademark infringement brought by Lacoste against Zhejiang Crocodile was settled through mutually beneficial conciliatory agreement after five years. Lacoste has reached an agreement with Zhejiang Crocodile that Lacoste would withdraw the suit on the condition that Zhejiang Crocodile recognizes the European manufacturer's exclusive rights to the crocodilian trademark in China and will stop using its similar logo within a short time.

Mr. Chambers Yang was interviewed by China Daily on the applicant laws and its signality to the industry. From the legal aspect, Mr. Chambers Yang discussed the legal protection of well-known trademark, the conflict between trademark and business name, the development and maintenance of the national trademark and etc. The rel eva nt report was published on IPR Special (Nov. 25,2005) of China Business Weekly of China Daily.