Professional Experiences of Chambers Yang
  • Legal counsel
    Mr. Yang worked as an in-house counsel with Shanghai Southeast Company of CMST after his graduation from Fudan University . Since 1995 when he became an attorney-at-law, Mr. Yang has been retained as the legal counsel of many state-owned corporations, foreign-invested enterprises and private high-tech companies, including Raw Water Company (PLC), Nippon Paint, Shanghai Futures Exchange, Wuxi Life Technology Park, Xianfeng Pharmaceuticals, New Asiatic Pharmaceuticals, Munich Trade Fairs, Dealeasy Electronics , Viva Eco Electronics & Technology, Haiwen Group, Huabo Science and Technology Group, Vzoom Science and Technology.

  • Corporate issues, securities and foreign investment
    Mr. Yang has handled a number of cases in incorporation, shares issuance and equity transfer, merger & acquisition and liquidation of foreign-invested companies, private and state-owned companies, of which the special liquidation of Haijing Hotel Co., Ltd. is the first case of special liquidation of a foreign-invested company in Shanghai . Mr. Yang has handled many typical cases, including the incorporation of Shanghai Suzhou River Integrated Construction Co., Ltd. (wholly state-owned), Wuxi Life Science & Technology Development Stock Company, the joint venture between Shanghai Pharma Group and Italian SOLGMA Group, M & A of some domestic and foreign-invested companies, etc. Mr. Yang was invited to give keynote speeches on foreign investment laws and policies in China at some international and national conferences, including the China Food & Drinks Retail & Distribution Conference, the Ports & Liners China 2002 and China Containers 2004.

  • Real Estate and Construction
    Mr. Yang has provided legal services for the whole procedure of some large real estate development projects including the New Bond Garden and the Future Star Town, the whole procedure of workshop construction by Nippon Paint and BauschLinnemann, including co-operation negotiation, incorporation of the project company, project design, construction, project financing, sale and rent and property management. Mr. Yang has also provided legal services for a number of cases of real estate transfer projects, including those transfers for the Central Plaza and the Christ Plaza (of which the Central Plaza transfer project was honored as one of the best-resolved cases by the Ministry of Justice, China ). In addition, Mr. Yang has handled many cases on real estate co-operation development, sale and rent, property management, hotel management, construction, etc.

  • Intellectual Property Right
    Mr. Yang has resolved some disputes in copyright, trade mark, trade name and anti-unfair competition, of which the “Pure” water case attracts much attention from the legal circle for its relation to trade mark, anti-unfair competition, corporate management and shareholder's interest. And the Nippon Paint anti-unfair competition case also drew much attention from the society. Mr. Yang is engaged as an expert by Beijing Jiuzhou Shichu Intellectual Property Right Appraisal Center .

  • Internet, Telecommunication and E-commerce
    Mr. Yang is also specialized in Internet, telecommunication and e-commerce law. He has been invited to attend the First E-commerce Legislation Forum and a number of other forums and seminars. His article of “Legal Issues on Domain Name and its Management” was included in the book of Economic & Legal Development under the Global Background , and the article of “Restructuring a Scientific & Unified Domain Name Management System” was published in the journal of “ Electronic Intellectual Property Right ”. The article of “International Business Arbitration of the Internet Age” was published by China Daily. Mr. Yang is engaged as an expert by the Domain Name Dispute Service Center affiliated to the United States domain name Doctor Consulting Company. Mr. Yang is also the legal counsel of Vzoom and Jianding Construction Website, providing special legal services for the systematic website development of Shanghai Futures Exchange. Mr. Yang is the attorney for the case of the domain name dispute between Amazon Co. and a Shanghai Company.