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Mr. Yang won a competitive bidding for the legal service of overseas investment and trade

Haworth & Lexon has recently signed a legal service retainer agreement with Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Nickel Materials Co., Ltd on the issues of providing the company with legal service for its overseas investment and trade.

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Nickel Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in the smelting of cobalt, nickel and copper with wet method and the processing of the new chemical materials. It is one of the most influential enterprises in the cobalt and nickel chemical industry at home and abroad. The company has launched large-scale overseas investment in the recent years. To ensure the smooth engagement of the investment and trade, Huayou invited Haworth & Lexon and some notable law offices from Shanghai and Hangzhou to take part in the competitive bidding for legal services. A legal service group of Haworth & Lexon leaded by Partners Mr Chamber Yang and Mr Dermot Zhang and other lawyers and assistant lawyers took part in it and finally won the bid.