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Mr. Yang Invited as Chairman at 2008 & 2nd Annual New Environment for Foreign Investment in China

Mr. Chambers Yang was invited as Chairman at “2008 & 2nd Annual New Environment for Foreign Investment in China”, which was held in Kempinski Hotel Beijing from April 7 to April 8, 2008. It was the second time that Chambers Yang held this annual summit. At the 1st annual summit, he also delivered a speech on “M&A by Foreign Investors”.

At this year’s summit, Mr. Hu Jingyan (Director General of Department of Trade of Services, Ministry of Commerce), Mr. An Fengming (Deputy Director of , State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), Mr. Xu Weigang (Division Chief of Regulation Division, State Administration of Foreign Exchange) respectively addressed speeches on new trends of policies concerning China’s use of foreign investment, M&A on state-owned enterprises by foreign funds and foreign exchange control, etc. Mr. Yang Yuanwei (Director General of Tax Policy & Regulation Department, State Administration of Taxation), Mr. Wang Donghong (Director General of Department of International Cooperation, Central Administration of Customs), Mr. Liuhuan (Vice President of Institute of Finance and Public Management, Central University of Finance and Economics), Mr. Guo Xiangping (Deputy Division Chief of Import and Export Division, State Administration of Taxation), Mr. Li Ming (Deputy Director of Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Finance) and Irene Yan (Partner of KPMG) respectively introduced the adjustments on China’s legal policies concerning enterprise income tax, customs duty, VAT, export tax refund, reform on accounting system, transfer pricing and other topics. Besides, representatives from relevant specialized institutions provided information of the Employment Contract law, the Patent laws and HR management.