Case of Guarantee Dispute Resolution of A Listed Hi-tech Park Co., Ltd. in Shanghai

This is a typical dispute between a listed company and its associated company who provide guarantee mutually.


It is very common that between listed companies or their associated companies who provide guarantee for each other as to get loans from the bank. However, if there are no corresponding restrictions or controls, it may inevitably turn out to be an unpleasant result. A listed Hi-tech Park Co., Ltd. provided hundreds of millions worth of guarantee for a listed company, but the latter was taken measures of Special Treatment and later Particular Transfer soon after its making profits, and it lost the ability of repayment of debts, which meant that the company who provided the guarantee undertook considerable risks. In order to defuse the risks and protect its legitimate rights, Mr. Chambers Yang and some other lawyers adopt methods from various aspects, including cleaning up guarantee, handling relevant disputes, investigating assets of debtors for the purpose of paying debts or providing counter-guarantee.