Disputes of Construction Project Debt: Case of the Harbor City’s Project of Reclamation of Land from the Sea

Shanghai Harbor City is a important project supporting Yangshan Terminal, and it is also a base of marine economy of Shanghai as well as a world-class port of ecology, intelligence and modernization.


The land of Harbor City is mainly from reclamation of land from the sea. In its construction, a state-owned hydraulic project company undertook the reclamation work of a certain site, and it contracted the work of supplying sand to its subcontractor, a company in Hainan. However, the subcontract agreement was terminated for some reasons, and the project company signed a settlement agreement with the Hainan company and paid the account due and payable. But one year later, the Hainan company, colluding with its affiliates, filed a suit to the local court in Hainan, demanding a revocation of the settlement agreement and a payment of project of decades of millions of RMB. Mr. Chambers Yang and the lawyers team he led accepted the appointment from the state-owned enterprise and participated in the lawsuit.