Litigation Services on Trade Secret Infringement

A famous French enterprise manufacturing fuel nozzles had a whole set of unique techniques and product testing methods after decades of technology development and experience accumulation. This company’s products entered in China in the early 1990s and it established a WFOE for production in Shanghai at the turn of the century. Its products rapidly occupied a comparatively large share of the market. From the establishment of its representative office in China, this French company had employed  Mr. Li and later the company appointed him to act as the general manager of the WFOE. Therefore, Li had overall charge of the management and operation of the WFOE. However, two years after its establishment, under strong temptation of enormous benefits, Li stole the technical drawings and other technical information of the company, and set up a company with someone else to produce the same type of products and sold them to major clients of the French WFOE. This misconduct of Li led to material losses of the WFOE, which decided to file a lawsuit against Li and his company. Mr. Chambers Yang acted for this WFOE.