Copyright Case: Dispute of Ebooks on a Famous Website Infringing Authors Rights to Network Dissemination of Information

A company in Guangdong obtained hundreds of web writers' authorization on their works and therefore it cooperated with an e-book software company in Shanghai to produce e-books for paid downloading and reading on its website. Later, the software company and a famous website cooperatively launched an e-book channel, the software company providing the  famous website with e-book techniques and cartoons from Hongkong, Japan, etc., but in the end, they stop cooperation because of poor prospects. However, the said channel was not shut down. The Guangdong company discovered that the famous website's e-book channel included works of which it had copyrights, so it filed a suit to the court. Mr. Chambers Yang participated in the lawsuit as the attorney of the Shanghai software company and produced evidence and plead strong defense. At last according to the judgment of court, the actual compensation was less than 10% of the amount the plaintiff claimed.