Copyright Infringement Case of Plagiarism of Translation Work of Biography of Matteo Ricci

In the early 1990s, Ms. Wang translated the biography of Matteo Ricci?into Chinese and published her work in China. Recently, when she planed to republish it, she noticed that a publishing house in Shanghai published a translation from the same original work as hers. After comparisons between these two works, this so-called translation plagiarized significant portions of Ms. Wang抯 work or only made simple modifications of it. Consequently, Ms. Wang negotiated with the publishing house and both parties entered into a settlement agreement including the house抯 stopping infringement promptly, extending a formal apology and compensating for the loss.


However, after the signing of the agreement, the publishing house did not stop selling copies of the infringing work but instead, publized the work widely, and the house even permitted a press in Taiwan to publish the work. Therefore, Ms. Wang had to file a suit against the publishing house. Mr. Chambers Yang as the attorney of Ms. Wang successfully won this case.