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Mr. Chambers Yang Attended the Inaugural Meeting of OCCC Pudong and Became a Member of OCCC Pudong

On the afternoon of January 20th, 2011, the inaugural meeting of Shanghai Pudong New Area Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (“OCCC Pudong”) and Shanghai Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (“SOCCC”) Pudong Branch was held in Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel. The following officers attended the meeting: Cui Minghua, Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government (“OCAO Shanghai”); Liu Jianping, Deputy Director of OCAO Shanghai; Zhang Zhaofeng, Vice President and Secretary-General of SOCCC; Zhang Jing, Standing Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department of Pudong New Area; Liu Zhengyi, Deputy District Mayor of Pudong New Area. Representatives from the OCAO, OCCC offices of different districts, the relevant committees, offices, bureaus, and development area of Pudong New Area, and members of OCCC Pudong, amounting to almost 100 people, attended the meeting. Mr. Chambers Yang, as a special member of OCCC Pudong, was invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Jie, Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department and Director of Taiwan Affairs Office, Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, and OCAO of Pudong New Area.


The Articles of Association of OCCC Pudong were adopted during the meeting. Together with 6 Deputy Presidents and the Secretary-General being elected, Mr. Yao Zheng was unanimously elected as the President of OCCC Pudong. The First Session of the First OCCC Pudong Congress convened during the meeting. Officers of municipal and district government unveiled the board of OCCC Pudong and award it to the President and Deputy President of OCCC Pudong. Zhang Jing, Standing Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department of Pudong New Area, presented a speech during the meeting. Cui Minghua, Director of OCAO Shanghai, congratulated the establishment of OCCC Pudong, and also proposed three suggestions for the development of OCCC Pudong in the future.