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Perfect Winning of Capital - A New Book Edited by Mr. Chambers Yang and Mr. Peter Yang Has Been Published

Perfect Winning of Capital - a Book Collecting the Laws, Regulations and Policies on Corporate Investment, Merger and Acquisition, Financing, Private Equity and IPO, edited by Mr. Chambers Yang and Mr. Peter Yang, has been published by China Legal Publishing House recently. Frequently applied laws, regulations and policies have been collected in this book and classified by the different kinds of investment and financing activities. As guidelines for readers to search and read relevant laws and policies, reading guides are available at the beginning of every chapter, introducing the background of relevant investment and financing activities, and tips to apply relevant laws and regulations. Hopefully this book will lead the readers, including senior managers, legal staff, investment and financing professionals, and anyone who is interested in investment and financing, to a systematic understanding of the China's laws and policies on investment and financing, and will help companies prevent risks during the process of investment and financing activities.