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Mr. Chambers Yang Was Invited by PE Association of Shanghai to Give Presentation on Legal Due Diligence

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On the afternoon of October 20, 2011, PE Association of Shanghai held its 12th event of the Financing Salon in year 2011, at the meeting room of Shanghai International Group Building. Mr. Chambers Yang, senior partner of Haworth & Lexon, was invited to discussed with the participants about “the Legal Due Diligence in Equity Investments”. Nearly 60 representatives from investment institutions, law firms, and accounting firms attended this salon.

 Mr. Chambers Yang is the founding partner and attorney in Haworth & Lexon. He got his LL.B degree from Fudan University with a highest honor granted by the High Education Bureau of Shanghai, LL.M. degree from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, as well as JM degree from East China Politics & Law Institute. Mr. Yang has been recommended by Asia Pacific Legal 500 and Asia Law Profiles from 2004.He is a Licensed Securities Lawyer, a Qualified Independent Director for listing company, member of Legal Consultant Delegation of Shanghai State-owned Enterprise Reform. He is the author of 108 FAQs on Law for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Investment, Financing Legal Practice, Successful Pioneering and Successful in Capital Market, and the Columnist of Pioneering With Science and Technology, Wealth Personage, Legal Stories of Water Margin. The website ”Law-bridge” (www.law-bridge.net) found by him is one of the oldest and most influential legal websites in China. 

 During this salon, Mr. Yang introduced legal due diligence to all participants from the aspects of concept, value, the principals, procedures, and content of legal due diligence. He also pointed out that the legal due diligence, together with finance due diligence, business due diligence, technology due diligence and enterprise culture due diligence, consist the whole due diligence procedures before the equity investment. Among all kinds of due diligence, legal due diligence shows the minimum standard of the feasibility of an investment according to the applicable laws, while the finance and business due diligence can be referred to legal due diligence and eventually reaches a more clear conclusion. It is suggested that legal due diligence should be a necessary step before the investment to all successful investors.

Perfect Winning of Capital, the new book written by Mr. Yang was given for free to all participants of the salon. It was a delightful afternoon for everyone in the salon.