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The book Perfect Winning of Capital 2 Has Been Republished by LexisNexis

Since its publication by China Legal Publishing House in the last year, the book "Perfect Winning of Capital 2 -- Complete Guide to Enterprise Investment and Financing Procedures", written by Mr. Chambers Yang and Mr. Jason Wang, has gained broad popularity among entrepreneurs for its great practical value. LexisNexis, the world-famous publishing group, has reached an agreement with China Legal Publishing House in this March, in which LexisNexis is authorized to republish most content of the book "Perfect Winning of Capital 2" in its law resource database. The republished content has recently been released in the LexisNexis database.

LexisNexis is one of the top-three multinational groups which dedicates to publishing and information services. It is also a world-leading information and service solution provider. The law resource database of LexisNexis is being used by many famous law schools, law firms and legal department of enterprises.

Ms. Liu, an editor of LexisNexis, contacted Mr. Chambers Yang through email and said "I have read your Perfect Winning of Capital series and think its content perfectly matches our client. So we would like to reproduce part of it in our database. Shall we talk about it?" This subsequently led to the cooperation mentioned above.