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The Top Capital Journal Published Chambers Yang`s Paper The Legal Risks of VC/PE to Exit by Backdoor Listing

Mid of last month, Chambers Yang was invited by the “Top Capital” Journal to discuss from the legal perspective the backdoor listing case of Paradise Silicon Valley which drew broad attentions across the industry. For that purpose, Chambers Yang wrote the paper “The Legal Risks of VC/PE to Exit by Backdoor Listing". In this paper, Chambers explained that backdoor listing is indeed an optional exit way other than IPO for VC/PE, however, backdoor listing also has the very high legal risk and financial risk, in addition, backdoor listing may be confronted with risks of disapproval, failure in integration and other related risks such as related transactions, insider trading, stock price manipulation or malicious hype. The “Top Capital” Journal published this paper in the “Research Features” column of its May 2013 issue.

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