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Chambers Yang Was Invited in the Inaugural Meeting of Shanghai Financial Performance Appraisal Industry Association

After months of preparation, Shanghai Financial Performance Appraisal Industry Association hosted its inaugural meeting in Shanghai Caida Plaza Howard Johnson Hotel on November 1, 2014. The Association congress passed the articles of association and other documents, elected the board of directors, supervisors, leaders including the President, Vice President and Secretary General, Chambers Yang is invited to join the meeting engaged as the legal consultant for the Association. Chambers Yang was involved in the whole process in preparations for the establishment of the Association, provided professional legal advices in designing the organization structure and drafting the articles of association of the Association.

Performance appraisal also known as the government fiscal expenditure performance appraisal, is refers to the use of a certain appraisal method, quantitative indexes and appraisal standard in evaluating government departments’ functioning, the identified level and budget in achieving the goal of performance through executions of a series comprehensive appraisals. Financial institutions involved in such performance appraisals include professional consulting firms, accounting firms and asset appraisal firms, etc. Shanghai Financial Performance Appraisal Industry Association is the first financial performance appraisal of industry association in China, with its first President Dr Guo-yong Liu as one of the earliest practitioners engaged in the study of the performance appraisal and practices of financial performance appraisal in China.