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Mr. Chambers Yang Was Engaged as the Legal Counsel of U1baby

Mr. Chambers Yang was recently engaged as the legal counsel of U1baby to provide full scope legal supports for its business development.

U1baby is an integrated business platform with global brands of mother and baby products owned by Shanghai U1baby E-commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai U1baby E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a company which perfectly integrated e-commerce with traditional distribution, is a rapidly emerging innovator. The company is the sole distributor of Karicare owned by Nutricia, and a network strategic cooperation partner of many international well-known mother and child products, also is the cooperation partner of many major domestic e-commerce platforms. The company is committed to provide high quality products and services for the Chinese mothers and infants and young children, meanwhile it provides distribution services, integrated marketing services, supply chain services and integrated e-commerce services for major brands and distributors.