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Hi, I am Chambers Yang, a lawyer in Shanghai, China.

My Chinese name is YANG, Chunbao. I was born in Huai'an , Jiangsu province, which is China former premier Chow En-lai's home town. In 1988, I was recommended for admission to Fudan University , one of the top universities in China. From then on, I left my home town and became a law student in Fudan University.

In 1992, I got my Bachelor of Laws degree with a highest honor granted by the High Education Bureau of Shanghai and began to work for a state-owned company as a house counselor. I passed Bar Examination in 1993 and then left the company and joined in Zhongjian Law Firm , one of the leading law firms in Shanghai. In early 2001, I set up Haworth & Lexon with several friends.

As a lawyer, I was granted the 'Qualification of Securities Lawyer' by Department of Justice of P.R.C. and China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the 'Qualification of Enterprise Registration Agent' by State Administration For Industry and Commerce .

I got Master of Laws degree from University of Technology, Sydney and Juris Master degree from East China Politics and Law Institute in 2001. It is an interesting and valuable experience to study completely different laws in both common law country and civil law country. It contributes much to my professional service to both foreign investors and domestic clients.


# Corporate, Securities and Foreign Investment Law, including:

  • investment in China, especially establishment of joint ventures;
  • shares issuance and list;
  • M & A, restructure and take-over;
  • bankruptcy and liquidation; and
  • venture capital.

# Real Estate and Construction, including:

  • development and construction;
  • purchase and sale, leasing;
  • mortgage and financing; and
  • property management.

# Intellectual property and Internet law, including:

  • copyright, software and data protection;
  • trademark and domain name;
  • trade secrets and unfair competition;
  • e-commerce; and
  • telecommunication.


  • Corporate, securities and foreign investment law
    I have dealt with dozens of establishment, shares issuance and list, share transference, shareholder's rights, M & A and liquidation of foreign investment companies, representative offices and state-owned companies, among which the special liquidation of Haijing Hotel Co., Ltd. is the first special liquidation of foreign investment company in Shanghai.
  • Real estate and construction
    I have participated in the legal services for the whole process of some large real estate projects development, such as the New Bond Garden and the Future Star Town. I have also successfully provided the legal service for a dozen of real estate projects conveyance, such as the Central Plaza and the Christ Plaza (among which the Central Plaza project conveyance was honored as one of the best-resolved cases by the Ministry of Justice, China). In addition, I have dealt with numerous of cases on real estate cooperation development, sales and rent, property management, hotel management, construction, etc.
  • Intellectual property
    I have resolved some copyright disputes, trade mark disputes, trade name disputes and anti-unfair competition disputes, among which the Bichun water case attracted close attention of the law society because it involved in trade mark, anti-unfair competition, corporate governance and shareholder's rights.
  • Internet, telecommunication and e-commerce
    I specialize in Internet, telecommunication and e-commerce law. I have been invited to attend some forums and seminars and to present on the First E-commerce Legislation Forum. My articles such as Legal Research on Domain Name and its Management are well received by the law experts.

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