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Corporate Law and Securities Law Legislations of China

Mainland China

(Note: English version of the laws and regulations are only for reference. In case of discrepancy, the original version in Chinese shall prevail.)

Hong Kong

  1. Companies Ordinance

  2. Partnership Ordinance

  3. Limited Partnerships Ordinance

  4. Business Registration Ordinance

  5. Bankruptcy Ordinance

  6. Securities and Futures Commission Ordinance

  7. Securities and Futures (Clearing Houses) Ordinance

  8. Securities Ordinance

  9. Exchanges (Special Levy) Ordinance

  10. Stock Exchanges Unification Ordinance

  11. Securities (Insider Dealing) Ordinance

  12. Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance

  13. Commodity Exchanges (Prohibition) Ordinance

  14. Commodities Trading Ordinance

  15. Protection of Investors Ordinance



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