Company Liquidation Case -- The Liquidation and Deregistration of a WFOE Whose Certificates Were Lost

A WFOE was established more than 10 years ago. But due to mismanagement, the company had been out of business for many years after losing millions of dollar invested in it. As a result of its poor management, the company had lost its approval certificate, business license and seals. Even its business license was revoked because of its failure to undergo annual inspection. The company was thus revoked while its registration had not been cancelled.

The investor was a company listing abroad and decided to legally dissolve this WFOE. Mr. Yang and his team act for the company in providing legal services regarding the liquidation and deregistration. Due to its lack of seal and certificate, Mr. Yang’s legal team had visited local commission of commerce, administration of industry and commerce, taxation bureau, the customs, administration of foreign exchange and police bureau, and accounting firm to communicate with one another and coordinate between different parties. After all the efforts, Mr. Yang’s team started their work with carving the liquidation seal, and then moved on with the liquidation and deregistration procedures in different government departments. The company was eventually deregistered in accordance with law.