Category: PE/VC Lawyer

Chambers Yang, a Shanghai PE/VC lawyer, has led large amounts of legal projects regarding the establishment, fund manager registration, legal opinion issuance as well as the raising, investment, management and exit of various types of PE/VC funds; valuation adjustment mechanism design and dispute resolution, etc. In addition, Yang has been frequently invited to deliver speeches regarding topics on private equity and venture capital at many domestic and international conferences and symposiums.


Here are: law books and articles written by Chambers Yang as well as cases handled by Chambers, speaches made by Chambers. Introduction to PE/VC supervision in China and some important PE/VC laws and regulations of China.

        • Essential Terms of Private Investment Fund Contract----2016/07/13
        • Briefing on Market Entry of Foreign-invested Fund Management Company----2016/07/03
        • The Top Capital Journal Published Chambers Yang`s Paper The Legal Risks of VC/PE to Exit by Backdoor Listing----2015/02/24
        • Mr. Chambers Yang Rendered a Legal Opinion For a PE Fund Regarding its Investment in a Restaurant Chain----2014/06/07
        • PE Fund Case -- The Establishment of a Real Estate Fund and its Investments----2014/06/07
        • A PE Equity Investment Case on Disputes of VAM and Shareholder Interest Damages----2013/03/06
        • Mr. Chambers Yang Was Invited by PE Association of Shanghai to Give Presentation on Legal Due Diligence----2011/10/20
        • Case of Establishment of Venture Capital Company: Establishment of an Internet-of-Things-Oriented Venture Capital Enterprise in Wuxi----2010/03/04
        • Mr. Chambers Yang Attended the VC Salon Held by Shanghai Venture Capital Association and Delivered a Speech----2010/03/04
        • Legal Services on Disputes regarding VAM in PE Investment----2010/01/06
        • Venture Capital and M&A Case of An IT Co., Ltd. in Shanghai----2009/10/09
        • Interim Administrative Measures for the Startup Investment Enterprises----2005/11/15