Legal Services on Unfair Competition and JV Disputes: Case of Bichun Drinking Water

Shanghai Yanzhong Drinking Water Co., Ltd. was a joint venture established by a Shanghai party and a Hong Kong party, and Mr. Wang from Shanghai was the board chairman whilst Mr. Zhou from Hong Kong was the general manager. The distilled water called Bichun Drinking Water produced by the company enjoyed comparatively high visibility and a big market share. However, a Yanzhong Drinking Water came out in the market whose products had very similar packages to those of Bichun Water. The subsequent investigations showed that, the investors of the two companies producing and selling Yanzhong Water were both the Shanghai party of the said joint venture. The Hong Kong party then asked the Shanghai party to stop its unfair competition, which turned out to be in vain. Therefore, a battle of water burst out. Under the professional guidance of Mr. Chambers Yang and other lawyers, the Hong Kong party protected its rights and interests by both litigation and non-litigation methods.